Sunday, November 14, 2004

An Open Letter to Jim Davis

Here's the text of a letter I sent to our Congressman

Dear Mr. Davis:

Porter Goss and his henchmen are purging the CIA, but they're not purging the incompetent, they're purging the Democrats. Why, because they don't support the President. I wasn't aware that the Civil Service Act allowed expelling the losing party.

The current administration has politicized the war to an unprecedented degree, and if they purge the secret agencies, there is no limit to the mischief they can cause. Call me a conspiracy monger, but if they can read your mail, put a Fed on your tail and throw you in jail, it'll be pretty hard to get people to vote against them.

What to do? I don't know, but I'd ask Bob Graham. He's still a Senator, knows the people and can help figure this out.


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