Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Carl Cameron of Faux News is Thin Skinned

While checking press credentials at the Kerry event in Tampa yesterday, along came Carl Cameron of Fox Nooze. He's the twit that put together the dummy release with Kerry (ostensibly) saying 'I'm a metrosexual' and 'doesn't my manicure look nice' and other snarky comments about our candidate. I made a comment about hoping he'd get the speech correct this time, and George the Wonder Volunteer (a 20ish college student) added something about 'fair and balanced, alright" at which point Carl came back to the table to get in our faces about how 'Deborah somebody of the Kerry campaign said his was the best coverage' or words to that effect. Whereupon GTWV shot back about his conflict of interest, wife working for Bush USW. Carl was in a pissy mood after that. We are the best informed and that's gotta hurt the Rethugs.


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