Thursday, November 04, 2004

Response to Jeeni at CPR4Democracy


It was a failure of intelligence and planning. The people we trusted to know the struggle completely missed the evangelicals. It wasn't just missing the people, it was missing the zeitgeist, and not having a successful plan to counter the arguments. We let moral values be defined by gay bashing and abortion, not by charity and faith and true devotion to life (stem cell research, death penalties and illegal war).In the coming weeks, we will hear calls to cut loose part of our group. We'll hear that the gays cost us the election -- gay Americans didn't cost us the election, gay hating Americans cost us the election. Take that same analysis to any discussion, and you'll see that it's not us, it's them. And we need to change them, not lose ourselves.

What's next? We need to select a Democratic leader with a vision without being concerned about 'electability' -- that's the least of our concerns for the next two years. Neither Gandhi or Mandela were 'electable' but they profoundly changed the world. Let's look at Howard Dean, Dennis Kuchinich, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and whomever else you can think of.


Blogger Jeeni said...

We worked our tails off for Kerry simply because he had to be better than what we had the past 4 years. But he wimped out - was offered Minority Whip slot I'm told. Makes me wonder if anything would have been that different if he had won.

Maybe we all just need to figure out how to help each other survive because talk of future elections is a joke - this election was rigged and our democracy, just like the "democracy" we are bringing to Iraq, is an illusion. Kerry said at that rally "I've got your back." But he lied.

We need to deal with the reality of massive detention centers being built for dissidents. They don't need to lock up all 55 million of us - just those leaders with vision you are looking for. When Hitler was taking over Europe, it was America that came to the rescue. Who will come to our rescue? China?

November 5, 2004 at 12:02 AM  

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