Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Once Again -- Not Seeing Kerry

Welp, yesterday, as on October 1, John Kerry arrived in Tampa and I missed the speech. I was working the Local Press check in, and got to the Performing Arts Center entrance just as the magnetometer (or "mag" for us insiders) was closed down. I could have got in with my Volunteer cred, but gave it to a Yale classmate of John Kerry. Must have been my turn for good karma, 'cause when I got home, I found 1) a check from a client, 2) my order of Kerry yard signs from kerrygear.com, and 3) my shipment of Lance Armstrong bracelets. Then I went over and voted. My local early voting site (see earlier post for critique of Hillsborough County voting) has seen more people per precinct in the first day of early voting than the total for the primary.


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