Saturday, December 11, 2004

Back again, and pissed

As I said, I have to get my outrage on; and here it is. Now the Rethugs are after Social Security, with the Chimp in Chief saying SS collapse is imminent, the compliant media slavishly parroting the imminent collapse theme, and the pundits saying how obvious it is that the 'system is in trouble.' Which it is, of course, because it's now the target for Republican looting. Paul Krugman has a great piece in the NY Times about this being the route Argentina took in the 1980's.

Perhaps the most significant outrage, of course, is the conscious choice of the right wing to make Americans ignorant and stupid. Because thoughtful people become Democrats, "ignorance is strength" is the real Republican motto. Ruy Texiera wrote that as Americans become more educated, they also become more Democratic. The obvious counter to this is to make Americans more ignorant. That'll make 'em good Rethugs. It's the basis of the whole "creation science" or "intelligent design" campaign. Make rational thought and the scientific method invalid, and all evaluation becomes replaced by faith and manipulated public opinion. Shall we vote on the value of pi? Three makes more sense than some "irrational" number.


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