Sunday, October 17, 2004

Two Weeks and Two Days

After four years of tragic misrule, it's just two weeks and two days until Election Day. I shall have voted (Florida has early voting, so I'll vote before going to the Kerry speech at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center). I'm disappointed that so many Americans can see what they see, knwo what they know, and still vote for the Dauphin. For a thumbnail sketch of why GWB is wrong for America, go to today's New York Times (registration required). That his opponent, John Kerry, is such as worthy candidate is icing on the cake.

I and my friends are all out doing what we can to see him off. We're canvassing Democrats who didn't vote in 2000, preparing to watch the polls on November 2, making calls and attending rallies. The level of resolution and clarity of purpose is beyond anything I was in the 1992 Clinton campaign, or any other, for that matter. Most frightening is that we all realize that winning the popular vote and the electoral vote is no guarantee of success. The party of Karl Rove views the voting process as legitimate only if it delivers the right answer. Otherwise, it is flawed and must be corrected, with violence if necessary. For so many reasons, please go pester your neighbor to vote for John Kerry.


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