Sunday, September 19, 2004

What a surprise!

A mistake by an election worker "lost" 245 electronic ballots cast in last month's Florida primary, but the mix-up did not change the outcome of any race when the votes were finally counted, authorities said.

Hillsborough County residents cast the ballots before the Aug. 31 election on an ATM-style machine set up at a library, Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson said. A member of Johnson's staff left the machine, made by Sequoia Voting Systems, in test mode. The votes were recorded and stored but not counted until they were found Friday.

Johnson said the votes were discovered missing when his staff compared the number of people who signed in to vote at the precinct and the number of ballots counted there. In all, the county had 118,699 votes cast.
(via WaPo)

That could have been my vote lost. I voted early at that very site. The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections will be chosen this November, with the choices being Buddy Johnson, the (appointed) Republican incumbent and Rob McKenna, the Democratic challenger who is presently an IT specialist at Eckerd Drugs. McKenna's main campaign promise is to provide these new machines with a paper trail.


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