Sunday, June 19, 2005

Into the 21st Century Saving the World

Well -- the Undying Honda was finally replaced; with a shiny new Super White 2005 Toyota Prius. I've been considering the Prius, looked at the Honda Civic Hybrid, etc., and went with the Toyota. Reasons were: higher mileage, 60/52 v. 48/48; hatchback that will hold a bicycle (or two) v. a microtrunk that's lost 10 cubic feet to the new battery; and a truly vicious torque steer because of the two small electric motors on the front wheels. The Prius has a bottom up design and the Honda seems more cobbled up. So far the mileage is around 45 mpg, approximatley twice that of the old Honda, and I'm planning a drive from Tampa to Little Rock just to show off.


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