Saturday, February 12, 2005

Getting Traction on Social Security

Seems we're getting some traction against Dubya's Social Security demolition. Republican Congressmen are realizing, as analyzed in another blog today, that 1) they have to get reelected in two years, 2) that gutting SS would gain them nothing personally but it's a great risk, and 3) that Dubya can't help them if their districts turn them out. Personally, I'm outraged that Dubya is trying to cheat Americans out of the extra withholding we've been chipping in since 1983, when Alan Greenspan ran the numbers and realized the system would go negative. By 2018, there'll be enough in the trust fund to maintain benefits until 2042 (at a minimum). The extra funding has been in Treasury notes, letting the Government cost a little less to run, but Dubya'd rather default than raise taxes on his rich pals.


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