Tuesday, March 29, 2005

National Press Club Goes With the Gannon

A recent post by Sean Paul Kelley at Agonist.org discusses the National Press Club holding a blogging conference with the star being JimGuckert/JeffGannon, ably supported by Wonkette. While Wonkette is admirably snarky, including the bogus Jeff is a real slap. Go see what Sean Paul has to say.

Friday, March 18, 2005

A Seat at the Table

There's a good post at Steve Gilliard's site, discussing the Brookings Institution blogging forum, with names and numbers to contact. Basically, we liberal bloggers need to get in the face of the think tanks and institutions to insure our voices are heard. Otherwise, it'll be Instahacks and Powerlines all the way down.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

With Discipline, All Things are Possible

I just realized I haven't posted since February 21, and risk losing my impetus. That was the day I got my Florida Professional Engineer license renewal to the state, and I just received notice today that I was renewed. It's a veritable Fountain of Youth for the aging engineer, the cycle of renewal and rebirth, growth and decay, anabolism and catabolism, yin and yang, sturm and drang, nacht and nebel, yattata and yattata.

Progress is being made on the political front -- Tom DeLay (the Sugar Land Bugman) is weakening under scrutiny, Dubya's attempt to gut Social Security is foundering (because most people are better and smarter than he'd hoped), and JEB is a lame duck. Now, if we can get reform of electoral districting, maybe we can get our country back.