Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Watching the Bugman Collapse

The blogosphere (y!sctp) has been all atwitter about the serial indictments of Tom DeLay (R-Tammany Hall). While fun, it all seemed to be a house of cards with Tom's new hot shot defense attorney DeGuerin asking to have the charges dismissed. So then Ronnie Earle goes "here's another couple for good measure," and one of the new indictments, money laundering, has a potential life sentence (heungh, heungh). My take is that, as was implied, Ronnie and the Bugman's original lawyers had a nice plea bargain all ready to go (after all, he signed a waiver of the stature of limitations), and the new broom, DeGuerin, decided to go all Clarence Darrow. That may have led Ronnie to go to his original plan with the charge with the harsher sentence. All lawyers want to weigh in on this?


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